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Meghan Candler Gallery Fall 2020 Catalogue

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Select Works

Fall 2020

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Meghan Candler Gallery Digital Catalogue of Selected Works Fall 2020

We hope you enjoy this catalogue showing select artwork by the more than forty talented artists represented by the Gallery.

To see all currently available work by a specific artist in this catalogue, please click on the artist's name in the upper lefthand corner of their page.

To view all of the artwork currently available in the Gallery, please click here.

© Meghan Candler Gallery 2020

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"Sojourn" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $16,000

"Ocean Memories" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $18,000

"Colors of Sunset" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $18,000

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"Composition in Green" 30"h x 30"w,  Price: $7800

"Twilight" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $16,000

"Brio" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $16,000

"Sundown Sonata" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $11,500

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"Tropical Waters" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $6400

"Beach Day" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $6400

"Reflections" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $6400

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"By the Light" 60"h x 48"w,  Price: $6200


"Time & Space (That Time Again)" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5400

"All That Jazz II" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5400

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"East Side" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5400

"Surf Song" 48"h x 48"w, Price: $5400

"Dance with Me" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $6200

"Hello Morning" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5400

Page 8

"Like Minded People" 60"h x 60"w,  Price: $7800


"Sand Jewels" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $3850

"Sand Dollars & Sea Glass" 24"h x 24"w Price: $2500

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"Le Charrette le Marche" 12"h x 12"w,  Price: $1200

"Sunday at the Beach" 6"h x 12"w,  Price: $685

"Spring Fling" 11"h x 13"w,  Price: $650

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"The Salt Marsh" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $1100

"Sunrise from the River" 16x20" $2500

"Along the Beach", 18"h x 30"w, Price $3200

"Moonlight Sail" 20"h x 16"w,  Price: $2400

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"Majestic Clouds" 12"h x 9"w,  Price: $965

"Dream State" 6" x 8",  Price: $465

"Rose Awake" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $825

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"Shallow Swimmers" 36"h x 36"w

"Deep Dive" 48"h x 30"w

"Racer" 36"h x 48"w

"A Peck of Pipers" 24"h x 24"w

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"When distancing brings us closer” 48"h x 60”w, Price: $14,000


"Little Heart" 63"h x 65"w,  Price: $18,000

"Snow Heaven" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $12,000

Page 14

"Gibberish" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $12,000

"Blue Silence” 38"h x 72”w, Price: $15,000

"Finnigan's Foley" 60'h x 72'w,  Price: $19,000

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"Summer Surf lll" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $985

"Evening Sail" 14"h x 18"w,  Price: $5400

"Blue Odyssey" 36"h x 48"w,  Price: $14,000

"Quiet Reflection" 24"h x 30"w,  Price: $9800

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"Cut Loose 1"  18”h x 18”w,  Price: $850

"Coastal Currents 5" 12"h x 12"w,  Price: $495

"Undercurrent 2" 40"h x 60"w,  Price: $4800

"Summer Thunder" 25"h x 35"w,  Price: $2400

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"Row of Cupcakes " 6"h x 4"w,  Price: $95

"Puppy at the Beach", 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $395

"Polka Dot Package", 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $395

Page 18


"Limelight" 10" x 16",  Price: $650

"Opalescent"  8" x 10",  Price: $550

"Rolling In" 8" x 10",  Price: $550

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"Bleacher to Wall" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $700

"Across the Bay" 10"h x 16"w,  Price: $1000

"Along the Third Base Line" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $700

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"Shelter, Park Avenue" 12"h x 16"w,  Price: $1800

"Morning Walk, Sailboat Pond" 16"h x 20"w,  Price: $2200

"Colorful Umbrellas, UES New York" 10h" x 14"w,  Price: $1400

"Holiday Windows, Cartier" 16"h x 20"w,  Price: $3400

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"Flat Calm" 9"h x 12"w,  Price: $2100

"Homecoming" 6"h x 8"w,  Price: $1400

"Cold Winter Morn" 5"h x 7"w,  Price: $1200

"Westwind"  14"h x 18"w,  Price: $4000

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"From the Railing" 30"h x 30"w,  Price: $4400

"Bouquet in Pink" 10"h x 10"w,  Price: $950

"Rooftops" 36"h x 48"w,  Price: $6200

"Tropical Path" 30"h x 30"w,  Price: $4400

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"Schooner with Bimini Top" 40"h x 50"w,  Price: $12,000

"Crab Docks" 40"h x 40"w,  Price: $9200

"Little Bahama Schooner" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $16,000

"Southport" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $14,000

Page 24

Lane "Westward Sailing, the Caribbean"  30"h x 40"w,   $8800

Page 25


"Early Light" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5800

"A Summer's Day" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5800

"From my House" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $6400

"A Perfect Day" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $5800

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"Peonies II" 12"h x 12"w,  Price: $895

"Ranunculus with Blue" 14"h x 11"w,  Price: $985

"Lillies II" 14"h x 17"w,  Price: $1100

"Orange and Pale Pink Roses" 10"h x 8"w,  Price: $695

Page 27


"First Dream" 60" x 60",  Price: $12,000

"Deep Sea" 60"h x 60"w,  Price: $12,000

"Lemons" 60"h x 60"w,  Price: $12,000

Page 28


"All in a Line" 24"h x 48"w,  Price: $4200

"Bucket Brigade” by J. Lewis, 18"h x 24”w, Price: $2400

"Gently" 9"h x 12"w, Price $1100

"Hope on the Horizon" 16"h x 12"w,  Price: $1600

Page 29


"I'm Yours" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $9800

"Serenity" 12"h x 12"w,  Price: $1600

"Calm Water" 12"h x 12"w,  Price: $1600

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"Spoonbills"  28"h x 42"w,  Price: $6200

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"Geraniums & Pears" 36"h x 36"w,  Price: $3400

"Seaside Still Life II" 18"h x 24"w,  Price: $1400

"Seaside Still Life I" 18"h x 24"w,  Price: $1400

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"Band on the Run" 30"h x 30"w,  Price: $4800

"Surf Catcher" 40"h x 30"w,  Price: $5800

Page 33


"Offshore Breezes" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $7100

"Picnic" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $8900

"Sailing Away" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $7100

Page 34


"Incanto #46" 48"h x 72"w

"Graffito #4" 48"h x 48"w

"Energia #96" 64"h x 60"w

"Vetro 1219-04" 16"h x 16"w (9pc)

Page 35

"Vetro 1219-05" 16x16 (9pc)

"Cielo Blu #45" 60"h x 48"w

"Eterno #10" 64"h x 60"w

"Strati #95" 48"h x 48"w

Page 36

"Moorea Sands" 29"h x 37"w,  Price: $825


"Cool Down I" 13'h x 17"w,  Price: $695


"Candy Clouds" 31"h x 25"w,  Price: $695


Page 37

"Color Breaking Out" 24"h x 36"w,  Price: $7100

"Slowly Passing" 24"h x 30"w,  Price: $6500


"Racing Away" 16"h x 20"w,  Price: $4200

"Complementary" 24"h x 36"w,  Price: $7100

Page 38


"Sojourn" 48"h x 48"w,  Price: $6200

Page 39


"Color Squares" 36x36" $2400

"Beach Picnic" 8"h x 10"w,  Price: $595

"Beach Day" 14"h x 11"w,  Price: $845

Page 40

"Perfect Day I" 24"h x 24"w,  Price: $1400


"Vero Surf Day" 36"h x 48"w,  Price: $3800

"Vero Surf" 48"h x 60"w,  Price: $5800

Page 41


"Playtime in Mauritius" 20"h x 20"w,  Price: $2900

"Memory of Biarritz" 12"h x 12"w, Price: $1450

"L'Amour" du Cassis 20"h x 20"w,  Price: $2900

"Fun with the Trees" 16"h x 16"w,  Price: $2250

Page 42


"Sea Star - Blue" 24"h x 24"w,  Price: $1800

"Low Moon Rising" 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $345

"Water Ripples II" 8"h x 8"w,  Price: $345

Page 43


"Imaginary Landscape" 30"h x 24"w,  Price: $6800

"Arles in November" 30"h x 30"w,  Price: $7100

"November Sky" 30"h x 30"w,  Price: $7100

Page 44

"Happy Hour" 9"h x 14"w,  Price: $600

"Sandpiper C" 6"h x 8"w, Price: $325


"Cut Limes" 8"h x 12"w,  Price: $500

"Sandpiper F" 8"h x 12"w, Price: $585

Page 45


"Palm Map" 40"h x 40"w,  Price: $3800

"Felt" 24"h x 30",  Price: $2100

"Glow" 24"h x 30"w,  Price: $2100

"Still Heat" 24"h x 30",  Price: $2100

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Meghan Candler Gallery features the painting of some of America’s finest established and emerging artists, including a select group of talented local artists.

Meghan Candler

Born and raised in Vero Beach, FL, Meghan Candler graduated from St. Edward’s School, Vero Beach, and from Smith College, Northampton, MA (BA in Art History with High Honors, 1982). After a summer in Paris with Parsons School of Design, Meghan spent her junior year at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, studying at the Fogg Art Museum. Upon graduation from Smith, Meghan worked as a graduate teaching assistant for two years at the University of Florida School of Fine Arts, Gainesville, FL. While there she participated in the Preservation Institute on Nantucket, MA.

Meghan managed a local art gallery for 17 years before opening her own gallery in Fall 2002. She and her husband Rick are passionately interested in art and artists, and look forward to continuing a lifelong involvement with the Meghan Candler Gallery.

Rick Candler

A retired partner of the law firm of O’Haire, Quinn, Candler & Casalino, Rick practiced as a board certified trusts and estates attorney for more than thirty years. Raised in Vero Beach, Rick was born in Boston, MA and is a graduate of The Choate School, Wallingford, CT; Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, and the University of Florida College of Law, Gainesville, FL (J.D. 1985; LL.M., Masters in Taxation, 1992).

Among his civic involvements, Rick is a former Trustee and legal counsel to the Museum of Art, Vero Beach, FL and a former member of the Board of Directors and past Chairman of the Cultural Council of Indian River County. Rick served as legal counsel to the Indian River County Children’s Museum, and as former Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of McKee Botanical Garden.

Drawing by Gus Miller.

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Meghan Candler Gallery

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